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We are an enthusiastic, friendly and well-supported local group with a regular programme of 'Sunday runs' led by experienced leaders. These are all day rides at a comfortable touring pace with regular refreshment stops for 'elevenses' in the morning, lunch (usually at a village pub) and a 'threeses' stop in the afternoon. Our routes use the extensive and often overlooked network of beautiful and quiet country lanes and byways, avoiding the main roads almost entirely.

See our blog for more about our group and regular articles and ride reports from our membership.

Chelmsford City CTC

Upcoming Rides

We meet at 9 am at the Fairfield Road end of the new bus station (near the Civic Theatre) to leave at 9:15 am prompt.

Date Elevenses Destination Leader
03/09/2017 09:15Coggeshall
M Cockersole
06/08/2017 09:15Abberton
Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre
Copford Green
The Alma
10/09/2017 09:15Heybridge Basin
The Cart Lodge Tea Room
The Chequers
M Martin
13/08/2017 09:15White Roding
Decide on Day
17/09/2017 09:15Elsenham
Elsenham Golf Club
Wendens Ambo
J Beaumont
20/08/2017 09:15Tiptree
Perrywood Garden Centre
D Southin
24/09/2017 09:15Tiptree
Perrywood Garden Centre
Decide on Day
27/08/2017 09:15Aldham
Mill Race Garden Centre
A Leeds
30/07/2017 09:15Rayne
The Booking Hall Cafe
Great Yeldham
The Waggon & Horses
J Beaumont

For those who do not mind riding at night a group also meets on Tuesday nights at various local hostelries (on a rotating basis), although this is not an organised run. Contact Adrian Leeds (01245 260272) for destinations.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location
13/08/2017 09:30Colchester 40 kmColchester
Playgolf Colchester
13/08/2017 09:30Colchester 40 mColchester
Playgolf Colchester
24/09/2017 08:00Colchester 100 mColchester
Playgolf Colchester
24/09/2017 09:00Colchester 100 kmColchester
Playgolf Colchester

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