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Event Archive 2013

Date Type Event Organiser
30/06/2013AUK/CTC TC/EIGCWindmill Rides 120 km and 210 kmStefan Eichenseher
29/09/2013CTC TC/EIGCColchester 100 kmMalcolm Mitchell
28/07/2013EIGCEssex CTC Summer Social MeetingBrian Penny
28/04/2013AUK/CTC TC/EIGCWitham Audaxes 106 km and 208 kmEd Nevard
24/02/2013EIGCSouth East Group's 75 Miles Reliability RideJohn Steer
15/12/2013EIGCEssex CTC XMAS Social MeetingLynda Collins
14/07/2013CTC TC/EIGCPeggy Thorndyke Memorial Rides 100 km and 100 mStefan Eichenseher
12/05/2013CTC TC/EIGCDot Sharp Memorial Ride 80 kmAdrian Leeds
11/08/2013EIGCColchester 40 km and 40 mBrian Penny
08/09/2013CTC TC/EIGCRough-Stuff Reliability Ride 29 mBrian Taylor