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Throughout the year we organise cycling events open to all and a number of social events for Cycling UK's Essex CTC members.

Upcoming Events

The 2017 – 2018 event calendar will be announced shortly.

Audax UK (AUK)

These events are organised by CTC groups and cycle clubs and run under the regulations of Audax UK, the long-distance cycling association. You do not need to be a member of Audax to ride and if you are a CTC member will pay no than the standard entry fee (if you are not a member of either you will have to pay a surcharge to be insured to ride).

Cycling UK Tourist Competition (CUK TC)

We organise events as part of the Cycling UK Tourist Competition. Points are awarded for each successfully completed event, with more points available for riding an event organised by a different Member Group from your own. Cycling UK Tourist Competition events are open to members and non-members alike, although points will only be awarded to Cycling UK members.

Essex CTC Inter-Group Competition (EIGC)

Only Essex CTC members are eligible for this competition, and points are awarded on an individual and Member Group (Chelmsford City, Colchester, Havering, and Southeast Essex) basis. Points are awarded for starting and successfully completing cycling events, attending our social events, and writing articles for Spotlight. The annual Member Group Awards will be handed out at the AGM.

Don't forget your Event Record Card!

Members of Essex CTC need to evidence the events completed throughout the year in order to claim their Standard or Premier Award.

The Event Record Card is provided by the events organisers, who will after the event confirm on your events card the successful completion of the necessary criteria (e.g. in time, all questions correctly answered, etc.). You should take good care of your Event Record Card and bring it to all events to get it authorised.

Your completed Event Record Card needs to be submitted to the Essex CTC MG Secretary, Lynda Collins, by the 8th October 2017 to claim your Standard or Premier Award.

Event Reports

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