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2013 South East Group's 75 Miles Reliability Ride Report on 24/02/2013

For this year's event, there had been quite a huge amount of advertising gone out. Nonetheless, I received just 12 pre-entries. Considering the history of the event, I was expecting the crowds flowing in on the day.

And there they were: in total 66 people made it onto the paid-up list. Five did not pick up their check card (DNS), 12 did not finish and 11 were out of the time within which they wanted to complete the ride.

Although the event took place two weeks later than last year, the cold was one of the main contributors to fewer than anticipated riders attending. Many might also have been discouraged by the forecast. In the end the weather at the start was quite ok, but cold. Riders reported heavy head- and cross-winds in the open stretches up to Great Bardfield with a nice tail wind on the way back.

A big thank you is due to the marshals, who braved the cold and stood the ground in their positions. It was probably very much due to the weather conditions that some of the racers did not stop, when passing by.

It so came that I had the first group back at 12:42. They admitted to have been the first ones out at 8:30, so not quite (not at all) conforming to the idea of the fastest groups starting last. But with just under 4 and a quarter hours they were definitively faster than doing the round by car!

I hope that all participants enjoyed the day and hope that I might see you again next year.

By Stefan Eichenseher

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