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2014 Windmill Rides 120 km and 210 km Ride Report on 29/06/2014

I have the pleasure to do only a short summary of the event, as the there is a ride report of the experience of this year's 210 km event.

Of 38 pre-entries 5 did not start. An additional 20 entered on the line making the mix to 24 riders on the 120 km ride and 29 riders on the 210 km ride. There were only 2 DNF — both on the 210 km ride. One took a taxi from Newmarket, after running out of inner tubes, and the other got a bit too wet — also up there — and decided to quit.

As I understand, the beautiful sunshine that started the day was unfortunately accompanied by considerable headwind, which needed quite an effort working through some of the open planes. Upon the return journey the riders however could reap the benefit of a nice tailwind.

I had a couple of amazing late entries: 5 minutes after the 210 km-lot left, Chris Regan turned up, signed in and made it round at a nice average of just over 10 hours. Brian Eves cut it even tighter: cycling up from Fobbing, he arrived at 10:10 at the Galleywood Heritage Centre blaming the headwind that he did not make it by 10. But he entered anyway.

After a nap and some refreshments, I looked out of the window and thought, "What are you doing here? — You are not one who is likely to quit?" Brian was back after 5 hours 20 mins. And after another half hour later, the riders started trickling in, until the last finished at 21:38.

The feeding station at Victoria Cycling Club hut was evidently a welcome stop to replenish the carbs-drained muscles. Feedback on the organisation and route at the end of event, and also by email the following day, was very appreciative and encouraging to carry on with this event in the years to come.

All in all, it appears that all participants were quite enjoying the rides. I am looking forward to seeing some of you back next year!

By Stefan Eichenseher

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