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2015 South East Group's 75 Miles Reliability Ride Report on 22/02/2015

The day started out bright and sunny, but very cold with a heavy overnight frost still on the ground, when I and Dormouse arrived at the start to put up the banners and A-board. Job done, just as Maureen and Barry turned up to assist with taking the names and money from the entrants.

With the cafe open and riders arriving to enter, things started to look good. As each group left I gave out the warning about flooding and ice on some of the route, to which some replied that they had already ridden in from far off places and experienced the conditions.

In total 53 entered but only 32 returned.

Some of the returnees were a little bit out of time (just a few minutes), but with the weather conditions at the start and the heavy rain at the finish, I and my committee think that they all deserve their points for their efforts.

Obviously you can't guarantee what the weather is going to be like so early in the year. I think that all the riders who take part in events in the weather conditions, as they were, should pat themselves on the back.

By John Steer

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