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Essex is a beautiful county. We know this because our type of cycling takes us away from congested towns and into the countryside unspoilt by the motor car. Our rides through the villages can be like a step back in time as we admire the rolling landscape, quaint thatched cottages and the sights and sounds of authentic rural England. The pace of life in the countryside is matched only by our own modest speed!

There's a freedom and beauty about Essex that only cycling can do justice. Some of us ride with Cycling UK because of the companionship, some for the scenery. Together we enjoy the fantastic bonus that this unstressed exercise really does keep us fit.

Cycling has so much to offer. Quite apart from the fitness and environmental benefits, more than anything cycling is fun. There's a satisfaction about reaching a destination under your own power. It's even better when riding with like minded companions while admiring lovely scenery along quiet country lanes.

In this car dominated era, the Essex CTC can show you why the bicycle can still be king. And you don't need to be Bradley Wiggins to be able to join us. We go at our own moderate pace and we all stick together. We hope the advice based on reflections of experienced Cycling UK cyclists will encourage you to think about how we can motivate you to fresh air, fitness and fun.

We have four Member Groups that organise led bike rides and events all through the year, across the county:

We are also affiliated to Essex District Association Reunion Fellowship (EDARF).

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