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Little Baddow Ride Report on 27/10/2013

Peter W brought along Dave H from Stoke Newington, whose claim to fame is that he rode the overnight 120 mile Dunwich Dynamo this year. Despite his origins being in Cambridgeshire he still managed to correctly recognise yours truly as being from Lancashire (aka Manchurian), unlike some people who think I'm Australian (G'day Pommies) or need Google translator when I speak.

Peter W led a group of six and I led four out to the The Secret Garden in… (sorry the location's a secret). Seven went onto The Generals Arms at Little Baddow via a particularly hilly route that had some members threatening mutiny or reaching for the oxygen cylinder. Luckily, for the leader the pub was within sight and order was quickly restored much to my relief.

By Manchurian

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