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Spotlight Magazine

The bi-monthly magazine of Essex CTC Member Group featuring articles and subsidiary group ride reports.

Previous issues of Spotlight in PDF format:


Spotlight Magazine

It is only £6 a year (including p&p) for 6 issues! Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to 'Essex CTC Member Group') or by bank transfer (details below).

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Essex CTC Member Group
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Email Jon Collins or phone him on 01245 320733.


Annual advertising renewal is set on the 31st July for the payment for the following year though advertisers can enquire any time throughout the year. Advertisers will receive a complimentary copy of each issue of the magazine and, a link on our website comes at no extra cost!

For enquiries, please contact the Advertising Officer.


Please send to the Editor your Ride Reports, Cycling Articles, Poems, etc. (the Editor reserves the right to edit contributions for reasons of space, clarity, or libel).

Closing date for contributions is the 15th of the month before the issue is due.


Editor — Stefan Eichenseher

Advertising Officer — Martin Pipe