Essex CTC Member Group

Essex CTC Member GroupCyclists' Touring Club

The CTC and its Essex Member Group

The CTC (Cyclists' Touring Club) is the national cycling charity, catering for more than 70,000 members nationwide, and 1,600 across Essex. The Essex CTC Member Group has four subsidiary Member Groups, or "sections": Chelmsford City, Colchester (Informal), Havering, and South East Essex.

The CTC provides its members with a range of services appropriate for modern day cycling such as third party insurance, legal advice and discounts on all kinds of cycling and general outdoor activities. The Club also campaigns for cycling issues both at local level and in discussion with government.

The Essex branch of the CTC originated as a 'District Association' and was established in 1927. Since then the importance of cycling as a mode of travel has changed and our towns and cities are full of cars. But cycling is far from finished. In fact it's a genuinely practical means of active travel as well as a fabulous leisure activity that is the perfect way of discovering the beauty of the Essex countryside.

We hope you will join us and share in our passion for cycling and together experience the joy it can bring to our lives.

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Group Bike Rides Today

Date Start Elevenses Destination
23/11/2014 09:00Upminster (Havering)
Roomes Fashion and Home

23/11/2014 09:15Chelmsford City
Bus Station
Cock Clarks
23/11/2014 09:30Colchester
Leisure World
Dutch Nursery
Heybridge Basin
23/11/2014 09:30Wickford (South East Essex)
Market Cafe
Woodham Walter
Bunsay Downs Golf Club
Woodham Walter
The Queen Victoria

Cycling Events Promoted by Essex CTC

Cycling events organised by the Essex CTC Member Group, open to all.

Date Event Location
14/12/2014 12:00Essex CTC XMAS Social MeetingCock Clarks
The Fox & Hounds
22/02/2015 08:30South East Group's 75 Miles Reliability Ride (under 7 hrs)Wickford
Wickford Cafe Restaurant
22/02/2015 09:00South East Group's 75 Miles Reliability Ride (under 6 hrs)Wickford
Wickford Cafe Restaurant
22/02/2015 09:30South East Group's 75 Miles Reliability Ride (under 5 hrs)Wickford
Wickford Cafe Restaurant

Group Bike Rides Across Essex

Group bike rides organised and led by experienced local cyclists from Essex CTC's subsidary Member Groups.

Date Start Elevenses Destination
07/12/2014 09:15Chelmsford City
Bus Station
Perrywood Garden Centre
Layer de la Haye
The Donkey & Buskins
07/12/2014 09:30Colchester
Leisure World
Perrywood Garden Centre
The Chequers
07/12/2014 09:30Wickford (South East Essex)
Market Cafe
Ingatestone Saddlery Centre
Stondon Massey
Bricklayers Arms
07/12/2014 10:00Upminster (Havering)
Roomes Fashion and Home

Izumi Oriental Buffet
30/11/2014 09:00Upminster (Havering)
Roomes Fashion and Home

West Hanningfield
The Compasses
30/11/2014 09:15Chelmsford City
Bus Station
Monk Street
30/11/2014 09:30Colchester
Leisure World

The Eight Bells
30/11/2014 09:30Wickford (South East Essex)
Market Cafe
Cooksmill Green
The Bake House
Chignal St James
The Three Elms

If the bike rides above seem quite a long way, not to worry as in Essex we are very fortunate to have an energetic CTC Area Officer in Richard Monk. Richard organises shorter rides aimed at new and returning cyclists and they are a great introduction to group riding.


Liquid lunch in Maldon, 01/06/2014
Chelmsford City to Maldon on 01/06/2014
Tea at Andrewsfield, 27/04/2014
Chelmsford City to Widdington on 27/04/2014
Group at The Kings Head in Pebmarsh, 16/03/2014
Colchester to Pebmarsh on 16/03/2014

Route Maps

Ride Reports

These are the most recent ride reports and route maps collated from the four Essex CTC Member Groups: Chelmsford City, Colchester (Informal), Havering, and South East Essex.