Chelmsford Group

We are an enthusiastic, friendly and well-supported local group with a regular programme of ‘Sunday runs’ led by experienced leaders. These are all-day rides at a comfortable touring pace with regular refreshment stops for ‘elevenses’ in the morning, lunch (usually at a village pub) and a ‘threeses’ stop in the afternoon. Our routes use the extensive and often overlooked network of beautiful and quiet country lanes and byways, avoiding the main roads almost entirely.

The Chelmsford group meets outside the bus station at the end of Fairfield Road (near the Civic Theatre) CM1 1JG every Sunday at 9.00am for a 9.15am start, unless otherwise stated.

Contact: Dave Southin 07813 168251

NOTE regarding COVID-19: At the time of publication, the position regarding each hospitality business is not clear.  Some may be operating special arrangements and some not operating at all.  The elevenses stops and the lunch destinations are therefore provisional.  Alternative arrangements such as bringing sandwiches or visiting  local shops for provisions may be necessary.  Ride leaders will need to ensure that the government’s Covid19 guidance is followed including the maximum size of groups and social distancing.  At present groups are limited to 6 riders and if more are present the group would need to be split. Updated 18/9/20.

For the time being we will only identify elevenses destinations for informal rides with no ride leader nominated in advance.  The leader for the day will be decided from among those turning up at the start and he or she will also be responsible for ensuring that the Covid 19 requirements are complied with.

Jam Factory
4/10/20Hatfield Broad Oak,
Cammas Hall
Megarry's antiques
18/10/20High Easter,
The Snug.
Andrewsfield Airfield.
1/11/20BHN Pot PlantsTBD
Osea View Tearooms.
Chelmsford City informal group.
The Compasses Inn, Littley Green, a popular destination for cycle rides, to the North of Chelmsford.